The Chapel Choir of Royal Holloway in concert

Slightly remiss of me not to report on the evening St Cecilia’s Choral Concert in the Chapel of Royal Holloway in Egham we recently attended.

The Chapel Choir of Royal Holloway is widely recognised for musical excellence. It attracts choral scholars from around the world who are offered a choral training programme based on concert performances and ensemble skills. This is what Royal Holloway say about their choirs,

Royal Holloway offers a wide range of choral activity. The main College Choir is the Chapel Choir, which is made up of choral scholars auditioned before entry to the College. This is complimented by two further choirs which students can join at the beginning of each academic year.

The St Cecilia’s concert comprised the Chapel Choir, the Founder’s Choir, and the Royal Holloway Chorusresulting in more than 60 voices. We marvelled how Rupert Gough, Director of Choral Music, conducted the choirs, especially those parts of the programme with a choir at each end of the Chapel.

Naturally you’d expect me to take some photos – though none during the performances – so here they are. I’ve added a few extra photos of the chapel in daylight.

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