Carelessness with government sensitive papers should be career limiting

There have been numerous occasions when eagle-eyed photographer Steve Back captured sensitive and confidential government documents being held openly by ministers, and the like, attending meeting at 10 Downing Street. Heck, I wrote about it in “Let’s end these unseemly security breaches” not long ago.

confidential-papersFor want of repeating myself, this is what I wrote then,

If it’s a secret, confidential, or sensitive document then it should be held securely in a document wallet, attaché or brief case. It’s cavalier and unprofessional to simply hold such papers in one’s hand, as it’s easy to drop them, lose them to a strong wind, or allow their contents to be viewed by a long camera lens. It should not happen, and sends the message that security considerations are an inconvenience. Wrong, what should be held securely, should be secure.

Seems no one’s learned. Today Steve Back captured this photo. All that can be said in defence of the incautious idiot is that it was on the way in to No 10 and not the reverse. If you’re keen to see an interpretation of the words, they can be seen HERE.


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