Here’s something, of the many things, I’m completely clueless about

Of the many, many things I’m clueless about, it’s mushrooms and fungi.

I’ve said here before that I’m a curious soul, and enjoy trying to understand stuff. I enjoy delving into politics, social policy, history, art, nature, and mechanical things I can grasp how they work, though obviously not quantum mechanics.

I regularly walk in the local heathland, finding pleasure in studying wild orchids, bog plants and the like. On these walks I see mushrooms and fungi, I take photos of them, and then try to identify them. We’ve books on identifying and using mushrooms including Roger Phillips encyclopedia of Mushrooms and other fungi which has over 1000 examples. [NB my wife likes mushrooms and can identify edible ones]. Me, I’m utterly hopeless. Here are a few recently taken photos.

One thought on “Here’s something, of the many things, I’m completely clueless about

  1. Theres a chap frequently seen early to mid-morning on Brentmoor (both SHBC Reserve & MOD area) who collects specimens … saw him arguing with the SWT Ranger about the flat box of ‘samples’ he was carrying recently – convincing Ben that he was a collector, not an Eastern European Harvester !

    Anyways, reserve 30 mins if you bump into him – he is more than happy to impart his knowledge of the ‘Fungi Kingdom’ – could say he’s a fun-guy to talk to !


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