I so want a 200Mbps broadband internet connection

Some Lightwater residents, and readers here have told me about the Virgin Media works in the village to bring ultrafast broadband fibre optic connections to our homes. I’m jolly pleased to have helped promote that lovely Lightwater becoming an early recipient of this Virgin Media service.

Good news, installation of the equipment is happening apace, as I saw on a walk back home from the village. Groan, it’s residents in Lightwater Meadow, Keswick Drive, and Colville Gardens who’ll be first to get the service. I know a few residents in those roads, and feel sure they’ll lord over me their broadband speeds they’ll likely benefit from.

Here’s what I photographed on my walk home.

14 thoughts on “I so want a 200Mbps broadband internet connection

  1. probably soon – it looks like they are taking the feed from the original cable that ran up the Red Road to Camberley ……. imho of course !


  2. Speedicus, another source of education, needing acronymfinder for your comments, guess imho isn’t the “is my hearing aid on” option!!
    My BT feed in Macdonald Road comes from the Bagshot exchange to Guildford Road and via the box near Grasmere Road.


  3. LOL – I used ‘DHYB’ in a comment on TheCamberleyEye Blog recently – and got told “as it was probably rude code, it was to be ignored” ……

    FFS – LOL !!!! (sorry, that was probably really rude ……)


  4. I used LOL for “lots of love” to an overseas daughter, until told what the young use it for.
    The problem of being of the older(retired) generation is where/how to learn all these things.

    FFS, Facial Feminization Surgery ??… no I do know that one.


  5. I saw this morning that they have also started work in Ambleside Road, but towards the west end of the road & strangely some way from either end. So I wonder where they will taking the feed from, possibly the footpath to Quarry Bank & Briars Avenue ??


  6. Speedicus, one of the Virgin Media workers told me that they’d be connecting to the fibre optic in Red Road – well, I think that’s what he said. Gosh, that fibre optic was laid years ago – possibly 10. When do you think it was laid?


  7. Certainly a lot less time than the old aluminium/copper cables that run from the fibre box to the houses in MacDonald Road, where the joints cause a huge slowdown in speed with wet weather.


  8. Tim – the years have blurred …. I distinctly remember being impressed with how fast they laid it – but when … dunno, but yes must be pre-2005 as thats when my son in Greenhill Road (near Maultway Red Rd r’bout) had it installed.

    Might be able to pin it down with the Council as they had an arrangement with Virgin to refurbish the local pavements on conclusion of the work ….


  9. Info from Neighbourhood Watch, but not much notice or publicity

    “There is a meeting at All Saint’s Church hall this Friday, 25th November, at 14.00hrs.
    Virgin Media Representatives and local councilors will be present to notify residents about the ongoing works to instal fibre optic cabling throughout the village over the next 9 months, and then moving on to Windlesham, as part of a 3 year programme”


  10. Does anyone know what streets they are doing and what the schedule is for Lightwater? I missed that meeting on the 25th, were there any notes taken and posted anywhere?


  11. Sadly, although I mentioned the meeting, like Tim I also couldn’t get to it as the short notice meant another commitment took priority. As local councillors were supposed to be there I wonder if Surinder knows anything?


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