An appreciation society enjoying blurring fact and fiction

You may have read here of my interest in milestones, and that I’m a member of the Milestone Society. No doubt some of you will have thought how very quaint, and very British to have a society set up to protect milestones. I’ve even, occasionally, thought that myself.

There’s the equally quaint Letter Box Study Group, and with all seriousness they say they’re “the recognised definitive authority on the British letter box”.

Well, if you’re thinking that these are pretty obscure society’s. How about this one I’ve just discovered – The Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society. There appears to be a whimsical attitude to the posts on its website. They don’t take themselves too seriously. Somewhat difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction on their website.

None more so than this video of the last Telegraph Pole Alignment Officer in Wales. Not true of course – amusing though.

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