Atmospheric photos of England almost a century ago

The Daily Mail is showing forty-four Glorious National Geographic colour photographs that capture an innocent age a century ago.

a-postman-delivers-packages-with-his-parcel-post-barrow-in-front-of-a-shop-in-oxford-offering-haircutting-and-shaving-in-1928_1The photos are by American photographer Clifton R. Adams, who was sent by England by the National Geographic magazine to record life on farms, in towns and cities, and residents at work and play.

Photo is of ‘A postman delivers packages with his parcel post barrow in front of a shop in Oxford offering ‘hair cutting and shaving’ in 1928′.

Each one is copyright protected, so I won’t be showing them here, just one low resolution version to give you a flavour of them.

You can of course capture them for your private enjoyment. There are a few worth saving so for their reminder of how times have changed.

3 thoughts on “Atmospheric photos of England almost a century ago

  1. Have we gone backwards with the post, our postie uses a push-along small “barrow” when he gets out of his van.


  2. I am quite sure that photo No.6 is at the famous Newlands Corner, looking south, with St.Martha’s to the right. There is a load of correspondence and appeals ongoing about plans to put parking meters there, and rebuild the food outlet there


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