Having fun baking with Jack

bake-with-jackThe Friends of Gordon’s School organised a Saturday afternoon baking class in the school food technology laboratory. It was a Bake with Jack class.

If you’re thinking that I’d learned bread making, you’d be wrong. My dear wife joined the class, and I turned up near the end to see the results.

Luckily I was there in time to watch Jack slice up some bread, sprinkle olive oil over the bread and heat it in the oven. Out of the oven, Jack added beetroot relish and feta cheese, and then popped it back in the oven. Before serving, I think he sprinkled nuts on top. Whatever, it was delicious. Such a simple idea.

He followed this with another topping, again heated in the oven – this one with with tomatoes and, oh, I don’t know what. Scrummy again. Maybe I should’ve have baked with Jack.

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