England’s oddest phrases explained. Some aren’t that odd to me

Roots, it’s all about one’s roots.

In today’s BBC News online they’ve an article England’s oddest phrases explained. Well, excuse me, of the five they mention, three aren’t odd to me. I use one frequently, and another fairly often when in particular company. Two of the others, I grant you, are certainly odd. The Cornish dialect one leaves me stumped.

The first three are all in use in regular the West Midlands, which is where I hail from.

  1. It’s looking a bit black over Bill’s mother’s
  2. Going all around the Wrekin
  3. Sent to Coventry
  4. Wisht as a winnard
  5. Couldn’t stop a pig in a passage

black-cloudsThe phrase – It’s looking a bit black over Bill’s mother’s – is one I use often, which I see indicates that you and yours are lucky for that moment. When the weather is stormy and black and ominous clouds can be seen – away from where you are – you can say’s, It’s a bit black over Bill’s mother’s. Doesn’t really matter one jot who Bill’s mother is, just that we’re OK and they’re not over there. Methinks everyone should use it, as it’s a lovely phrase.

1200px-thewrekinGoing all around the Wrekin is easily understood when you know that the Wrekin is a ‘large, long hill in the Middle of Shropshire’. Typically used when someone struggles to make their point, and is rambling on, therefore, taking forever to get to the point, as it would to travel around the Wrekin. I lived not far from it in my youth, and I use the phrase when back in the West Midlands.

Ah, roots. Can’t get away from one’s roots, and nor do I want to.

Hattip Peter Evans for Cloud photo

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