Dates set for demolition of Windlesham’s Woodlands Lane Bridge over M3

The Highways England says that Woodlands Lane Bridge over the M3 in Windlesham is set for demolition between 9.0 pm on Friday 18th November 2016 to 5.30 am on Monday 21st November 2016. The M3 will be closed in both directions between junction 2 and 3 between these times.

woodlands-lane-m3-bridgeThe Windlesham Society additionally report that the closure will be subject to safety reviews and is weather dependent. Two consecutive contingency weekend dates are in place for 25-27 November and 2-5 December 2016.

I checked when I first wrote about this bridge. It was October 9th 2014, when I wrote about its weight limit being reduced to 3 tons. Since then there’ve been numerous other posts – the last on October 17th 2016, bemoaning that there won’t be a new bridge until early 2018.

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