Cripes! Politician commits to returning the Euston Arch

No longer being overtly political I refrain from posting government minister’s speeches.

euston_arch_1896I’m making a rare exception. The Minister of State for Transport John Hayes delivered a speech on 31st October at the Independent Transport Commission discussion evening, in which he calls for beauty in transport, and the return of the Euston Arch. Read the speech HERE.

The Minister spoke about banishing, what he called the ‘Cult of Ugliness’. Expenditure on Crossrail, HS2, Crossrail2, new roads, and bridges, he says, offers an opportunity to making the public realm better and beautiful.

The Minister highlighted our transport heritage at “Kings Cross, St Pancras, Paddington, Bristol Temple Meads, the classical portico of Huddersfield station, and the gentle gothic of Great Malvern”.

Concluding his speech the Minister said,

“We will make good the terrible damage that was done to Euston, by resurrecting the Euston Arch. …. I support the Euston Arch Trust’s great ambition to see those stones stand in Euston once again as part of the rebuilt arch.”

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