The story of Harry Brearley, the father of stainless steel

The American science magazine Nautilus has the simply fascinating story about Englishman Harry Brearley in their article The Father of Modern Metal.

Author Jonathan Waldman delves into the life of Harry Brearley, and how ‘The creation of stainless steel took equal parts metallurgy and perseverance’.


Do read Jonathan’s article, in which he writes, “Steel was Harry’s true love. It would lead, eventually, to the discovery of stainless steel”.

While The British Stainless Steel Association discusses why it’s not that clear cut that Harry Brealey was the inventor of stainless steel, it does conclude that yes, it was Harry Brearley.

I’ve found a personal story about Harry Bayley by W A D Glossop whose Aunt Winifred was Harry Brearley’s secretary for many years, which provides more detail about the man and his family.

The story of Harry Brearley is of the many twists and turns in his life. The overpowering impression about Harry Brearley, just as Jonathan Waldman writes, is of perseverance.

Hattip: Photo by David Morris

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