Photo of the Week No.19: W.G.Grace by Herbert Rose Barraud

Victorian photographer, Herbert Rose Barraud 1845 – 1896, is noted for portrait photographs of many famous people of the time. The National Portrait Gallery contains a collection of over 500 of Barraud’s photographs and cabinet cards.

We should be thankful that Barraud’s legacy is his collection of portrait images, one of which is of the famous cricketer W.G.Grace in the late 1880’s. [Click on image to expand]

Geoffrey Moorhouse, in the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack of 1988 summarising the impact of W G Grace on cricket, says, “Grace’s towering presence, more than any other single factor, transformed it into the unrivalled spectator sport of summer, first of all in England, subsequently in other lands spread widely across the world. I would even suggest that a true measurement of WG’s unique stature is that he is instantly identifiable, even by some who are uninterested in his vocation, by his initials alone. I cannot think of another human being in any sphere, not even WC Fields, of whom this is also true.”


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