Quality journalism is a vital ingredient in times of change

We’re lucky in this sceptred isle to have a flourishing free press – occasionally under attack from illiberal forces, while also that freedom is sometimes squandered by the press itself.

Anyway, the subject of press freedom is not the subject of this article. What it is about is valuing quality commentary and journalism, irrespective of its political leanings.

I’ve not added the commentary sites I value to my blogroll, nor do I receive any as an email newsletter. I already spend far too much time reading current affairs articles.

reaction-lifeThere are two sites whose articles I value, both have been edited by Iain Martin, one of my most favourite journalists. He was founding editor of CapXmission to deliver the best thinking and writing from across the world, and is now founding editor of Reaction.life – features commentary and analysis on politics, economics, culture and ideas from leading writers.

I may not agree with everything in either journal, or by Iain Martin. I do value the articles, and how they challenge my views. Click on image to link to Reaction.

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