Framing a question to ask at a Council meeting of Surrey Heath Borough Council

Of the topics interesting me at present, there are a number about which it is my intention to ask Surrey Heath Borough Council their view. They’re not about the meaning of life, they are about the value of horticultural business to Surrey Heath, and protecting the physical heritage in Surrey Heath.

I’m genuinely interested to know of the council’s view on protecting, promoting and advancing the horticultural business sector in Surrey Heath. I’ve written about part of its sad demise HERE, and published the Council’s, now obsolete, planning policy on the sector in which they recognised how the, “significant presence of nurseries has contributed to the particular countryside character of Surrey Heath”.

questions-to-councilHere’s what the Council say about how to raise issues. A much underused democratic facility is to ask a question to be answered at a meeting of the full council – publicly highlighting an issue.

The council says “You may ask one question only”, although a relevant supplementary question is allowed. Hmm, only one question, eh. I need to carefully construct a question that asks, about their policy on horticultural business, and also how many such businesses there now are in Surrey Heath. Also, it mustn’t stray into planning policy, or the question will be refused.

What good will it do? It won’t do any harm, that’s for sure. It might, just might, give the Council an opportunity to pause to think about this business sector, and how it can be of help to it.

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