Combining the National Trust AGM with a visit to STEAM in Swindon

We attended the Annual General Meeting of the National Trust on Saturday. One of the attractions was its being held at STEAM – the museum of the Great Western Railway in Swindon.

Not a lot to report on the National Trust AGM, other than the Trust is in a healthy position, – membership up, and conservation expenditure up. Oh, and there’s always some criticism from the membership – to be expected, I suppose, for such a large organisation.

Following the AGM, we were able to spend time in the STEAM Museum. It seems the standard of museums exhibitions has improved immeasurably in recent years. The aim now is to provide context around the major exhibits. I’d have liked longer in the museum, but you know what AGMs are like – too long, and seated uncomfortably, and then there’s the need for refreshment.

We both enjoyed STEAM, perhaps me a touch more than my wife. I’ll write more about our visit later including, hopefully, an interesting video perspective of a steam engine.

We stopped by a signal box exhibit, manned by a signalman, who invited me to pull the levers – and there were lots of them to pull – to move a goods train into a siding to let the Royal Train pass through the station. I passed and got a certificate. Good fun for a minor steam train-o-holic like me. Photo of me and the signalman, plus my certificate. [click on images to enlarge – that’s if you’re interested]

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