More on the sad decline of the garden centre ‘Golden Mile’ and horticulture in Surrey Heath

Success – I’ve found my copy of the Supplementary Planning Guidance [SPG] about Garden Centres and Nurseries. I mentioned this document in my recent article, The sad gradual decline of the ‘Golden Mile’ in Surrey Heath, in which I also describe the ‘Golden Mile’.

The SPG is shown in full below. Here, in section 3 of the SPG, is what it says about The Nature of the Countryside in Surrey Heath,

  • The countryside forms a major part of Surrey Heath. Horticultural activity has been widespread throughout much of the countryside, although the greatest concentrations of nurseries continue to exist in the eastern half of the Borough. This significant presence of nurseries has contributed to the particular countryside character of Surrey Heath.
  • More recently, garden centres have become a feature of the Borough’s rural areas.
  • The Borough Council recognises that the nature of nurseries, in particular, has evolved over time and, in some cases, nurseries have become garden centres in response to changing market pressures and opportunities.

In a survey in 1991/2 the Borough Council identified 39 nurseries. In the SPG it says an update to the survey in 2001 showed only a slight decrease in that number. I wonder how many of that 39 now remain, and also, whether the wyevale-garden-centre-image-from-spgBorough Council would have any interest in finding out.

I’m feeling the need to ask how many now, and to have the answer given at a full council meeting. Obviously, I’ll need to attend the council meeting to hear the answer, something I’m no longer in the habit of doing.

Oh, a final point. I know the eagle-eyed among you will have spotted that the photo on the front page of the SPG is of Wyevale Garden Centre – how ironic.

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