Woodlands Lane M3 Bridge to close on Friday evening 28th October

All of our days away and holidays have left me seriously unaware of some important local stuff.

balfour-beatty-woodlands-lane-bridge-letterComing home via Woodlands Lane M3 Bridge I learned that it will close to all traffic, including pedestrians, on Friday evening 28th October. This, prior to demolition some time in November 2016. No bridge will then be in place until late 2017/early 2018. The Windlesham Society has the letter from Balfour Beatty confirming this [Click on letter to enlarge].

When last I properly visited the bridge in May this year, there was the beginning of a new bridge alongside the existing bridge. These foundations have now been removed – Oh, the waste. I don’t know, but I’m imaging that the services will now go under the M3, as my photos seem to show.

Taking over a year to build a new bridge seems an awfully long time. Sorry to resort to a WWII analogy, but the Rhine was crossed in days with tanks using the crossing. Here are my photos,

One thought on “Woodlands Lane M3 Bridge to close on Friday evening 28th October

  1. To the left of your May photo you can see the lattice girder bridge that was going to carry the services over the M3, but it disappeared quite quickly, another waste !


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