The strength of nostalgia increases with age

It’s only been in my later years that I’ve succumbed to nostalgia. Being an optimistic and curious soul, I’ve mostly tended to look forward.

bob_dylanYesterday I had a rare bout of nostalgia. It was when I wrote about Bob Dylan being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. In July I picked out four Dylan songs in what I titled a Dylan-tastic week. While looking back to those posts, I noticed a broken video link for Mr, Tambourine Man. In fixing the broken link I listened to a number of Dylan songs, while reading along with the lyrics.

The nostalgia was being taken back to my late teenage years when society was evolving from the post war years, in a spirit of change, hope, and optimism. Bob Dylan was a voice of that change. His song lyrics gave voice to that change that most pop songs of the time didn’t. Hugely nostalgic for me.

Oh, and I happened while You Tubing to watch a fantastic video of Guy Martin racing Michael Dunlop in a 2014 Isle of Man Superbike TT race. My love of the TT is a whole other story. Anyway, here’s the Guy Martin video, all 17+ minutes.

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