BT consulting on removal of Surrey Heath Payphone Boxes

Thanks to Cllr Paul Deach, we’ve been made aware of BT’s desire to remove 18 payphone Boxes in Surrey Heath. Your comments must be directed to Surrey Heath Borough Council planning department, which you can do through your local borough councillor to ensure your comments are added to those of the Council.

In 2008 BT held a similar consultation. Many Surrey Heath communities fought to retain particular phone boxes. I did for two in Lightwater. In Lightwater we ended up losing one out of three phone boxes in Lightwater. Now BT want to remove the remaining two in Lightwater.

pb1 pb2

We should retain both payphones box in Lightwater – especially the one in the centre, opposite George Arthur Butchers. My arguments for retention are the same as last time are: telephone infrastructure resilience, call confidentiality that a payphone offers, for emergency calls. OFCOM provides help on how to halt a phone box removal.

Here are the tables of payphone boxes marked for removal,

payphone-boxes_1 payphone-boxes_2 payphone-boxes_3

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