Always better to see things for yourself

I travelled to Chesterfield in Derbyshire on Saturday to attend the AGM of The Milestone Society. Visiting Chesterfield is a new experience. Approaching it from the A61 road I saw Chesterfield below, and shining in the early morning sunlight was the famous twisted spire of Church of St Mary and All Saints.

1280px-saint-mary-chesterfieldI’d loved to have stopped to take a photo. No opportunity, and a desire to get to the venue meant no photo.

The spire was in my eyeline for a while, and I saw it closer up as I drove to the venue.

It got me thinking. I’ve seen the twisted spire in various TV programmes, there’s no substitute for seeing it in reality. I’m pleased I saw it, and would like to have had more time to see it. [Click on image to expand]

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