Enjoying getting up close to Alpacas

alpacaAt the Malvern Autumn Show we spent quite a bit of time talking to breeders of Alpacas. Actually, quite a lot of time.

Why, you might reasonably ask? Well, I’ve a fondness for South America, especially Chile, Peru, and Bolivia, and their Andean music with panpipes, and Alpacas are docile and simply very appealing up close.

We spoke with the owner of Pure Alpaca who said they are a herd animal, and those he had at the show just wanted to be back with their friends frolicking in the fields. They are farmed for their fine fibre/wool. Another first for me, as I’ve never been so close to Alpacas. Just a bit of engaging fun. Here’s my 20 second video of my encounter with some of them.

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