It must be a man thing: the heaviest, biggest, longest vegetables

A feature of the Malvern Autumn Show was the many entries in all of the categories of vegetable competitions, the heaviest swede, the longest carrot, and so on.

heaviest-beetrootThe care and attention the vegetables must’ve received to get so large, or to be so perfect an example, is surely a man thing. There may have been an entry from a woman, if there were, I missed it. For all I saw on the entry cards were names beginning with Mr, never a Mrs or a Ms.

It seems that the show claimed four world records, reported by ITV News with pictures; the longest Carrot at 6.245m, longest Beetroot at 7.956m, longest Radish at 5.023m, and David Thomas from Cornwall with his colossal cabbage weighing in at a 23.2kg – beating the previous record set in 1925 by almost 10lbs.

Here’s a 1 minute video of some of the entries,

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