Just a week ago sunshine bathed our visit to Abbotsbury Gardens

Hmm, overcast for three days now. I’m reflecting on our many recent outings in lovely sunny weather. In our visit to Abbotsbury Gardens in Dorset I told you about the amazingly colourful Golden Pheasant. I didn’t describe the gardens, or provide any photos. This rectifies the omission.

The proper name of the gardens is Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens, which gives an indication of what to expect. In the map of the gardens – HERE – it shows a Himalayan glade, a jungle glade, hydrangea walk and much more. It’s the variety of habitats and species that surprises, and the huge variety of mature trees. There are valleys, glades, hills, and views, each of which would you’d benefit from stopping to admire.

Definitely one for the kids is the Burma rope bridge over a lake. The must-see part of the gardens is the Jurassic Coast View Point. Climbing up the steepish 250 metre hill from the top of the gardens reveals a superb view of the Chesil Beach, the Fleet, and Portland in the distance. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the aviary with Kookaburras. Odd looking birds, also noisy.

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