Use you photographic skills for the Surrey war memorials ‘Recognise & Remember’ project

dsc04414Here’s an opportunity to use whatever photographic skills you possess.

The Surrey WWI Centenary Project “Surrey in the Great War: A County Remembers” requests help to photograph of all the war memorials in Surrey.

I’m uncertain of the amount of artistic interpretation expected in the photographs. For me, a photograph which embraces the subject is preferable over a purely factual one. I hope you get my drift here. For example, there’s only certain times of the day when the sun shines on the plaque in the Lych gate at St. Andrews Church Frimley Green – see my photo. I know you can do better. Here are the details of what’s needed.

  • Finding the Memorial: Below are lists of war memorials in Surrey Heath. Any memorial that does not have a camera icon next to it has not yet been photographed for the project website. Go the Surrey Heath page on the site for full details and precise location –  On the webpage the war memorials are all identified with a red icon – just click on this to see more. (This is another way of checking if the memorial has been photographed). The website has pages for all the districts of Surrey.
  • Photographing the Memorial: Ideally, we would like a photo of the full memorial and images of each individual panel showing the names of the fallen. Smartphone photos are perfectly acceptable. Where memorials are inside a building e.g. a church you should ask someone present if it is Ok to take a picture.
  • Submitting the photograph: Email the pictures to at the highest resolution available on your phone or email system, including the name of the memorial in the subject matter, and including the name of the photographer if that isn’t apparent from the email address. Surrey Heritage always acknowledge contributing photographers.
  • For information: Here is an example of a completed record for a war memorial in Dorking

List of war memorials: BagshotBisleyCamberleyChobhamFrimley and Frimley Green, Lightwater, West EndWindlesham. Apologies for the lack of Lightwater info – it was missed off the email to me. Will seek to rectify asap.

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