Relief, needed help to successfully upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary edition

Days ago I wrote about the difficulty I was having installing the Windows 10 Anniversary edition upgrade.

Nothing for it but to call in the professionals. A job for Alan Bateman of Si29 Computer Services in Camberley. Result, a successful install, and a happy family. Alan’s contact details: Si29 Computer Services, Phone: 01252 686513, Email:

Here’s a snapshot of Alan’s blog on his website about Windows 10.


3 thoughts on “Relief, needed help to successfully upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary edition

  1. I have been running W10 for quite a while on a tablet, the biggest problem I found wasn’t ungrading to W10 late last year, but in the “people” (changed from contacts) there is no option for making a group. This is good for sending information out to members of a club, one click into the Bcc box and done and nobody see’s others email address. With W10 they all have to be put in individually, which means having a membership list printed. So while my PC with Vista is still working fine, if a little slow by modern standards, I will keep using it.


  2. Hopefully rejuvenated my old 2012 4-core AMD FX4100 Desktop running WIN7 – with a new SSD (the original OCZ SSD was still OK, but a bit cramped at 60Gb, and prob running low on Write-cycles)

    I did install Win10 last July on a new 6-core FX6350 AMD setup, but it only gets fired up once a month … and after some initial wrinkles, seems fine …

    Give my regards to Alan Bateman – we used to work together at the Amdahl Corp in the 90’s ….


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