Part 1 of our visit to Newhaven and its Fort, accompanied by glorious weather

We visited Lewes in Sussex last week to collect an auction item. More about this on Monday.

It being such fantastic weather, a visit to the coast was the natural thing to do. Newhaven being less than 10 miles from Lewes, so why not there, we thought. We’ve been before to catch a ferry to Dieppe. But that was many years ago.

Our map indicated Newhaven Fort being right on the coast, and arriving in Newhaven the brown heritage signs pointed the way to Newhaven Fort [Facebook page]. So why not visit the Fort we thought. We parked close to the Fort, where it’s always a courtesy that you don’t have to walk far from car park to the tourist attraction.

Newhaven Fort is a Palmerston fort built in the 19th century to defend the harbour at Newhaven, on the south coast of England. It was the largest defence work ever built in Sussex and is now open as a museum.

Adjacent to the car park is a view point over Newhaven, and the River Ouse and the harbour. We encountered Christian – think it might be how his name is spelled – working on a novel design on seats. Sitting on top of gabions of flint decorated with simulated poppies were wood slats, on many of which were dedications to passed-on relatives.


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