Royal Logistic Corps open day tug of war competition video

Tug-of-war competitorsAnother short video to, hopefully, amuse you. This one is of the Tug of War competition at July’s Open Day of the Royal Logistic Corps, at Dettingen Fields, Deepcut.

By way of explanation, a tug of war competition is in three matches. The team winning two matches is the winner. Obvious, really. Teams of eight pullers – a coach is allowed – are matched by weight category, such as 640k.

The rope has a red tape mark in the centre of the rope, which is lined up with a ground marker. The first puller of each team holds the rope behind a white tape, which is 4 metres from the red tape.

The judge asks the teams if they’re ready, then issues, ‘pick up the rope‘, followed by ‘tighten the rope‘, then ‘pull’. When the white tape of one team crosses the centre mark, the judge signals by pointing in the direction of the winning team. It’s a very short video, less than a minute. I’m sorry that I don’t know the names of the teams.

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