Awesome Rio2016 Olympics competition and stunning UK success

Team-GBMust admit to not really being ready for the Rio2016 Olympics. Being warned off visiting relatives, whose said focus was on TV watching and not hosting pesky relatives, was THE reminder to get into the Olympics spirit.

When our first medal came with Adam Peatty winning Gold in the men’s 100m breaststroke I was hooked. Now that it’s all over for four years, there’s a chance of reflection. The BBC TV coverage was poor. There were some bright spots in the coverage. I’ll comment on this next, meanwhile, here’s my take on the Team GB performance.

Overall Team GB’s performance was outstanding. I’m sure it surpassed the expectations of most of us. My picks from what I watched – and it was a heck of a lot are,

  • Adam Peatty’s determination to win. Breaking his own world record in his heats. His clear superiority set the standard for the whole Team GB.
  • Bryony Page’s Silver in trampoline – unexpected, brilliant, and so modest. All those garden trampolines are sure to get more use now.
  • Max Whitlock taking Gold in Men’s Floor in Gymnastics – simply wonderful, and what an unassuming person. Our first ever win in an individual gymnastics event – then following it up with Gold on the pommel. Magical.
  • Lutalo Muhammad taking Silver in Taekwondo, and in particular his generosity and humility in his subsequent interviews – a real talent.
  • Justin Rose taking Gold in the Golf competition, for believing in the value of Olympics sporting competition, and for determination to win.
  • Jade Jones for winning a second Gold medal in Taekwondo, Sheer guts and determination.
  • Mo Farah – absolutely unbeatable athlete, and a wonderful advert for sport. Hero.
  • Maddie Hinch – goalkeeper in the Gold medal women’s hockey team – resolute, brave, intelligent.
  • Who to pick from the cycling – for me its Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish – true sporting stars.
  • Nicola Adams for winning second gold medal in women’s flyweight boxing – an inspiring character

I found the one on one battles in Judo, Boxing, Taekwondo, to be absolutely riveting. The joy of success, and the pain of failure spectacular.

One thought on “Awesome Rio2016 Olympics competition and stunning UK success

  1. Lets not forget Jade Jones retaining her Gold Medal in Taekwondo. A very good showing for Team GB in Taekwondo and we managed a bronze in Judo Not sure what happened to our local lad in the competition since the BBC showed the live feeds at dark o’clock in the morning. This is the problem the media tends to focus on the mainstream sports rather than those we have a presence in as well as the spotlight events such as Usaine Bolt going for the triple triple!


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