This year it’s easy to lose a path

You all must know that I’m a regular walker on the track alongside Red Road and the Maultway, I’ve talked about it here often enough. I’ve probably bored you all with my visits to Folly Bog, kneeling to look for for Sundews, Bog Asphodel,  Orchids, and more.

There’s a narrow path down to the bog from the track. Well blow me down, I couldn’t find the path yesterday. When last I used it a couple of weeks ago the path was already disappearing. Now, I’ve lost it. How can you lose a path. Easy, when this year has had perfect growing conditions for heathland plants, and the track edge has been mown, removing the identifying features of the start of the path.

I could find it again by walking down to the bog from yet another indistinct path by approaching from Hangmoor Hill, and walking next to the fence of the ranges. It’s a long way round to get right into the boggy area. Enough. Here’s a photo of the track edge where the path should begin, and some of the bog plants I look for,

4 thoughts on “This year it’s easy to lose a path

  1. OS Explorer map shows a footpath running alongside the MOD boundary fence by Colony Bog. I tried it once walking from The Maultway and would have needed waders, so diverted to the gravel track to get down to The Folly.


  2. Yesterday I did a 7 mile walk round Lightwater, which took me past the Gordons roundabout, past MOD marker 889, and carried on across the common to The Folly. From there I again tried walking by the fence, thinking after a dry summer it would be ok, but it was still very wet near the dog-leg in the fence, and further on going towards The Maultway it was a fight getting past very high prickly gorse bushes. It was good seeing the belted galloways and a calf munching at the scrub there.


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