Here’s the map that ‘Dr Grumpy’ requests

A comment from Dr Grumpy on the previous article, requests a map of the location of Folly Bog and the lost path. Happy to oblige.

This image is from Google Earth. Inside the red area is Folly Bog. Inside the blue area is where there was a path down to the bog. Hope this helps. While walking along the track, trying to find the quick way down to Folly Bog, I spotted in the distance figures walking near the boggy area. They will have approached the bog, most likely, from an easterly direction.

Any way, here’s a photo and a copy of a Google Earth map [click on images to expand],

One thought on “Here’s the map that ‘Dr Grumpy’ requests

  1. Many thanks for this Tim. On a slightly different note I have seen many cyclists using the Red Rd and wondered why there isn’t a cycle path parallel to the Red Rd for them. Their presence on the Red Rd slows the traffic particularly in the busy periods (and before anyone says anything I am cyclist!) AM & PM Its not a road I would choose to cycle and for 20 yrs I commuted by bike in London!!!


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