Pleased to see investment in highways in Lightwater

Is it expenditure or investment in our highways? I like to think it’s investment, especially so as I consider the work done to be good. Now if it had not been good, I’d have probably said what a waste of money.

Nearest to home is the lovely new road surface in Briar Avenue, not forgetting that the whole length of Ambleside Road was recently resurfaced.

Then there’s the improvements to Red Road. In the upper part of the road, and through the bends, there’s a new grippier road surface, new cats eyes, new white line marking, including a ribbed white line at the edge of the road. Mustn’t forget the new road signs at and near the junction with Lightwater Road, though would like to have seen direction indication to the M3 on the road sign.

As others have mentioned, I probably would plump for a no right turn into Macdonald Road from Red Road. But hey, got to be thankful for the investment made to the highways in Lightwater. As you’ll all say, of course there’s more to do. Anyway, here’s a couple of photos.

2 thoughts on “Pleased to see investment in highways in Lightwater

  1. Oh come on Tim – they did the barest minimum – not even 3 of the side-legs off that roundabout for a few metres where most braking occurs – go a few metres up the road and its very poor again – not helped by all the construction traffic manoevering ……


  2. What also is needed is speed observance at the Bagshot end of Guildford Rd! Many drivers from McDonald Rd or The Avenue onwards ignore the 30mph speed limit. I have been told by Surrey Police that there is no money for the 30mph repeater signs as fitted in Windlesham (by the FoR and School Lane).


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