Surrey Heath Council reports excellent food hygiene ratings

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce, on 3rd Aug 2016, the borough’s food hygiene results,

Sun InnSurrey Heath Borough Council are pleased to report that almost 95% of the food premises in the borough have achieved one of the top two ratings in the Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme.

Of the 623 food premises in Surrey Heath at July 1 2016, 85% were awarded the top rating of 5, classed as ‘Very Good’, with a further 9.7% achieving a 4 rating of ‘Good’, in their latest inspection by the Food Safety team from the Council’s Environmental Health department.

Primal RoostThe rating achieved is often displayed on distinctive green and black stickers on the door of food premises, giving consumers guidance about the hygiene standards at a particular venue.

Another 2.5% of food businesses in the borough were rated 3, or ‘Generally Satisfactory’, meaning more than 97% of Surrey Heath businesses are broadly compliant with the Food Hygiene Scheme.

The scheme is run by Surrey Heath Borough Council in partnership with the Food Standards Agency. The Food Safety team play an important role in monitoring and maintaining food hygiene standards in the borough.

Portfolio Holder for Community Councillor Vivienne Chapman said: “This impressive result should give confidence to members of the public using food premises in Surrey Heath. Remember to look for the green and black stickers – and if one isn’t displayed, ask the owner to see it.”

Surrey Heath Executive Head for Community Tim Pashen said: “We are pleased to see the number of compliant businesses in the borough rising year on year, especially the high proportion of those who have achieved the top rating of 5.

“This is testament to the efforts of our Food Safety team in working with food premises to improve food hygiene standards through training and education.”

Food business inspections in Surrey Heath will normally be carried out without prior notice. The Environmental Health Officer looks at the way the business is operated to make sure that they are complying with the law.

Inspection intervals range from every six months for the highest risk premises, to every three years for those classed as the lowest risk.

These latest figures have been reported as part of the Food Service Plan which the Council submit each year to the Food Standards Agency.

Members of the public can check an interactive map of Surrey premises’ Food Hygiene Rating via:

For more information on the work of the Council’s Food Safety team, go to:

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