Measuring distances from London – revisited

I’m sure you’ll have read my articles – HERE and apology HERE – about me being interviewed on radio and asked about where in London mileage distances are measured from.

Many people I’ve met have said when they heard the question being asked of me on the radio programme they said Charing Cross. And, of course, they are right. Me, I was a tad befuddled at that time in the morning on a breakfast radio show.

When I wrote my apology – HERE –  I provided images taken from the Wikipedia page on Charing Cross. I said to myself that when next I was in London I would visit the Charing Cross.

Last week I walked from Waterloo Station to Charing Cross.  I studied the cross, and then looked for the plaque verifying that the cross was where distances from/to London are measured. Well, blow me down, no plaque. A check on walls on the Charing Cross Hotel and the Station, I found nothing. I then walked to pavement in the front of the station and cross, and there found a plaque [Different from the one pictured in Wikipedia]. Here are my photos [click on images to expand].

Can’t think of what’s the moral of this story. I’m sure there is one.

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