All six of the Royal Navy’s destroyers in Portsmouth naval harbour

When we caught the Condor ferry to Guernsey from Portsmouth just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote of being surprised at seeing three of the Navy’s Type 45 destroyers in Portsmouth Naval Dockyard. Here’s my photo of two of them HMS Dauntless and Diamond in dock.

HMS Dauntless & Diamond -

The Daily Mail reports, in Who’s guarding the oceans, that all six of the Type 45 Destroyers are now in Portsmouth Naval Dockyard.

Surely, this is not what we have a Navy for. If they need to be in dock, why not send a few of them around the world. How about placing one in Gibraltar, another in either of Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia, and another on a courtesy visit to Japan. Isn’t this why we spend over £1 billion on each of them, to project British naval power.

Oh, and please can we have one patrolling our eastern sea borders and the channel. That’ll put off the people smugglers and the illegal fishing boats.

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