A quieter Hot Rod Hayride in Bisley this year

We’ve visited the Hot Rod Hayride for 5 of the last six years it’s been held at the National Shooting Ground at Bisley. This year the vibe was quieter, though just as relaxed and fun.

Do we have a Hot Rod, vintage American car, or even a custom motor bike? No. But anything with an internal combustion engine piques my interest. It’s the un-silenced world of the weird and wacky in motor vehicles that amuses. There’s also the opportunity to admire Hayriders love of everything 1940’s to 1950’s in vehicles, clothing and hairstyles.

It’s good to see Hayriders enjoy the festival, and for us, our admiration of their dedication to their sub-culture. Long may it live. We learned that this is the last year the Hayride will be at Bisley – next year it’ll be somewhere else. If you’d like to view the reports of our earlier visits, you can here for 2011, 2013, 2014 plus video, and 2015 plus video. I’ve a a fun video of this year’s event, which I’ll work on later this week, meanwhile here’s a brief photo montage of our visit yesterday.

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