If you’re in Guernsey’s St Peter Port, then Castle Cornet is worth a visit

Here’s the second report on our recent short holiday to Guernsey. Arriving by boat into Guernsey’s capital, St Peter Port, it’s impossible to miss Castle Cornet that guards the entrance to the harbour. The Castle website says,

Castle Cornet was built on a small island off the coast of Guernsey, to defend the busy trading harbour of St Peter Port. Before the enlargement of the harbour and the building of the Castle Emplacement Castle Cornet was nearly a mile off the shore of Guernsey.

Tracing it’s history back 800 years, it’s had numerous improvements and additions, including during the German occupation, giving a fascinating history of military fortifications to uncover. It was the property of the British military, until the castle was gifted to the island by King George Vi in 1947, even then the British military didn’t release use of part of the castle until the 1990’s.

The castle houses the museums of the Royal Guernsey Militia, and the 201 Squadron RAF Museum, both thoroughly entertaining with top class exhibits. Among the key attractions for the visitors from the regular cruise ships that visit is the firing of the 1799 vintage noonday gun from the castle ramparts. With it’s harbour views, historic guns, variety of museums, and restaurant, it’s a splendid place to to idle away a few hours.


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