Plea #1: Mountain bikers, bells please and care of paths

I’m a regular walker on our local heathland. Here’s my plea to other users of the local heathland.

Brass_Bicycle_BellIf you’re a mountain biker coming up behind me why not ring your bell to let me know. With my dodgy hearing I only hear you when you’re very close. In my experience only 1 out of 20 mountain bikers will ring a bell or indicate in some way that they’re coming by. It’s definitely unfriendly and inconsiderate when, as a cyclist, you’re tearing down a hilly track without giving a warning. Here’s a few websites on bike bells, London’s Best Bike BellsHERE, and TriggerBell.

Next plea to cyclists. Do please try and not make paths impassible for walkers by scouring the path with your braking. It’s easy for you to negotiate these deep gully’s. It’s not for walkers. Here’s my evidence,

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