Here’s a gentleman’s express I wished I could afford

I worked in London in the early 1970’s, and lived in a flat – actually shared a flat – in Avonmore Road, West Kensington. Not all that far away in Kensington High Street, was the only showroom of Bristol Cars.

Just like Duncan Hamilton’s much missed showroom in Bagshot, the Bristol Cars showroom only a few cars on display. Each was a gorgeous gentleman’s express that I saw myself driving.

Bristol Cars are making just 70 of a new model – the Bristol Bullet. Not very practical without a roof and a cursory attempt at a windscreen. That doesn’t stop it from being the object of desire for me. It appears that a prototype of the design was discovered hidden under a dusty tarpaulin in a factory.

In the words of an imagined old fashioned gentleman, ‘how absolutely spiffin’ that Bristol are making cars again, having ceased production some years ago’

If you need to know more about it, and see a load more photos of the car, there are reviews in Auto Express, Autocar, and the Daily Mail.

The Bristol Bullet debuts

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