Curiosity piqued by a blog comment here

Boundary stone in Brentmoor HeathA reader of this blog, and a regular commenter as Speedicus Triplicatum* [a good man to boot] added a comment yesterday about a military boundary stone being re-erected by the Ranger in Brentmoor Heath.

Here’s his comment, to THIS blog post,

Noticed last week that the new SWT Ranger for Brentmoor has kindly re-positioned a BS which was prone in the undergrowth at the NW corner of the New England Hill dwellings …. he assures me that are indeed shaped from Granite – not concrete ….

I simply had to visit the site. See photo of newly re-erected boundary stone. Speedicus continues our conversation about what they are made of – me concrete, Speedicus granite. More research needed to confirm material used.

* – I’m told it derives from Triumph Speed Triple motor bike

8 thoughts on “Curiosity piqued by a blog comment here

  1. Have I lost something here, ?? what is the connection between a military boundary post and a Triumph motorbike, other than Steve McQueen used one to jumps over a boundary fence.


  2. Aha, just re-read the link and asterisk, sorry Speedicus. Ps, my first motorbike was 1958 Triumph, good bike.


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