Opposites sides of the the Brexit argument

UK and EUJust two articles in the press give an indication of the polarisation of views on the future for Britain.

  • In The Guardian, a frankly depressing, and I suppose a not unexpected article given that not all Europeans view us kindly, by Joris Luyendijk, After Brexit, a game plan for the EU: unleash Project Pain. Here’s one sentence from the article. I recommend a calming cuppa after reading it,

“Call it Project Pain. When the EU starts negotiating the terms of its divorce from the UK it must aim to inflict maximum political and economic damage.”

“…… China has been asking for a free trade agreement with the European Union for some time now. And given that the people running the EU don’t really believe in free trade at all, rather in a customs union or zollverein, they’ve been putting them off.”

I know I could find many more similar articles.

One thought on “Opposites sides of the the Brexit argument

  1. I remain optimistic that following Brexit, we will have free trade / low tariff agreements with much of the world. Some EU politicians and civil servants will undoubtable want to punish the UK to deter the remaining member states from following our lead however, we can only hope that pragmatic policies on trade with the EU will emerge. Industry Associations in the EU whose members are dependent on continued UK trade will apply considerable pressure on the politicians to ensure that trade continues. I just hope that our new PM refuses to blink during the exit negotiations and an amicable, pragmatic settlement is reached. If all else fails, let us go with WTO tariffs with the EU; the EU will then lose out to trade with the rest of the world on the basis of supply & demand. Hopefully, we won’t need to get into a tariff war with the EU in response to their ‘punishment’ of the UK as this will benefit neither party. I also hope that Mrs. May does not climb down from full Brexit, as this would I believe lead to the downfall of the conservative party. We have enough disarray in UK politics at the moment with the antics of the Labour Party, without self-inducing parallel disintegration by the Tories.
    Many thanks for your excellent Blog.


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