Camberley & District Probus men beat Surrey Heath Ladies Probus in the annual bowls match

I posted many photos of last year’s annual bowls match between Camberley & District Probus Club, and Surrey Heath Ladies Probus Club. It’s a match of men against women, and last year the ladies won handsomely, 94 points to 80.

I repeat what I wrote last year, the attraction of bowls is in friendly rivalry, conviviality, an afternoon summer outdoor activity, tea and biscuits during the match tea, and an after match meal for the teams. In short, good fun.

The match consists of six simultaneous matches, each with six players [three ladies & three men] playing 18 ends. The aggregate score of the six rinks determines the match result. Yesterday was the 14th annual bowls match between the club teams, held at Camberley Bowling Club. The two team captains – Wendy Russell for the Ladies, and Trevor Wilcox for the men, welcomed their respective Club Presidents to cheer on their teams – Madeline Denton for the Ladies and Brian Barrow for the men.

Yours truly was in attendance to take photos. Last year I took almost 30 photos – see HERE. This year I didn’t prowl the rinks as much. Etiquette, I learned, is that only bowlers are allowed on the rink, so I spent time in the shade drinking Pimm’s, and watching proceedings.

The men put in a sterling performance and won the match, though by a single point, which means they’ve won 9 matches to the ladies 5. Brian Hogg won the award for the best overall score. The Ladies captain – Wendy Russell – congratulated the winners and invited Sheila Mollison to present the Challenge Cup to the men’s team captain, Trevor Wilcox.

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