Eight Surrey Heath licensed premises pass test to not supply alcohol to underage teens

Surrey Police report, on 12th July, on a successful operation carrying out test purchases,

Surrey PoliceStaff at 8 licensed premises have been praised for challenging underage test purchasers in a joint operation carried out by Surrey Police and Surrey Heath Borough Council’s licensing department on Tuesday, 5 July 2016. The 8 premises which were targeted by the two teenage test purchasers correctly met their licence responsibilities by refusing to sell alcohol to the teens.

Borough Licensing Officer Rab Carnie said: “This operation has had a fantastic result and proves that the message of requesting identification is getting through to managers and staff at all types of licensed premises.

“I hope this result also demonstrates to underage youngsters that if they try to get served with alcohol in licensed premises in the Surrey Heath area, they will be challenged and identification will be requested.

“As part of the team carrying out the licensing check, I want to thank the managers and staff at the premises involved as without the hard work they have put into staff training, this result would not have been possible.”

Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Inspector Bob Darkens said: “This is an excellent result and bodes well for the start of the summer holiday season. It is incumbent upon each and every staff member working in a licensed premise to ensure they act within the law by checking the age of those buying alcohol if there is any doubt around their age. Anyone who has a concern should always speak to a would-be purchaser to ascertain details and premise managers should make training available to all staff if required. Those outlets tested in this latest operation have abided by the law and demonstrate how a successful premise should operate.

“However, we will not be complacent despite the success – it is imperative that all licence holders realise that it is their responsibility to ensure everyone working for them follows the letter of the law. With the school holidays around the corner, my team will continue to carry out these intelligence-led operations.

“By reducing the availability of alcohol to underage people we reduce the reports of crime and anti-social behaviour in the local community. The operation was part of an ongoing Safer Neighbourhood Team commitment to prevent alcohol being sold to young people under the age of 18. The public are encouraged to report to police incidents where underage alcohol sales are going on or others are buying alcohol for those under age.”

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