Think I saw a large part of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth harbour

Leaving on a Condor ferry to Guernsey from Portsmouth I reckoned I spotted a large number of the Royal Navy’s ships, either in port, or outside waiting to enter port. There were so many that I wondered the percentage of the Royal Navy fleet did I see?

I did take plenty of photos, which provided me with most of the evidence. A little bit of research is needed to find the total number of Royal Navy ships. They’re individually listed HERE, and of course Wikipedia helpful too. The total – excluding submarines, Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships, and historic ships, is 64. I’m fairly sure that’s the correct number. I’m also fairly sure I saw 14 naval ships in Portsmouth.

Therefore, I make it over 20% of the Navy in Portsmouth, that’s not counting those in port in Devonport, and Clyde. So, it could be well over one quarter of the Navy in port.

HMS Dauntless & Diamond -Of the six £1 billion Type 45 Destroyers, there were three in harbour. See my photo of two of them – HMS Dauntless & Diamond. With their much lauded capabilities to track multiple threats, it would be good to see these ships protecting our waters, and beyond. There are reports , however, that they’re not suited to warmer waters, so I wonder if they’re in for an expensive repair.

My point here is that I’m surprised that so many of the Royal Navy’s ships not on active duty.

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