Surrey Police Neighbourhood Watch crime bulletin for Surrey Heath: July 2016

The Surrey Police Neighbourhood Watch team report on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath in their latest Neighbourhood Watch Burglary Bulletin,

Surrey Police

  • Crime Number 45160055963: Between 27/06/2016 to 30/06/2016 between 2.00 hrs and 22.0 hrs, in Purley Way, Camberley. Theft of push bike.
  • Crime Number 45160056085: Between 27/06/2016 and 01/07/2016 and from 9:00 hrs to 09:05 hrs, at London Road, Camberley. Male claiming to be a roofer had arrived unannounced at the doorstep offered to do various work, she handed him three amounts of money over two days totalling around £1000. No work has been done he has not returned as promised to do any work. Jewellery stolen.
  • Crime Number 45160055929: Between 29/06/2016 to 30/06/2016 and from 18:00 hrs to 18:29 hrs, at Uplands Road, Camberley. Attempted break into house, one stayed in the vehicle as the other person tried front door claiming to be looking for someone.
  • Crime Number 4510056340: Between 30/06/2016 and 01/07/2016 and from 21.30 – 06.00 hrs, Aplin Way, Lightwater a small tree was taken from front garden of the property.
  • Crime Number 45160056277: On 01/07/2016 between 16:00 hrs to 19:24 hrs at Wilton Road, Camberley. Car stolen without the owners keys.
  • Crime Number 45160056615: Between 01/07/2016 and 03/072016 and from 18:00 hrs to 04:26 hrs, at Wilton Road, Camberley. Money taken from vehicle overnight.
  • Crime Number 45160056679: Between 01/07/2016 and 03/07/2016 and from 11:00 hrs to 10:42 hrs, at Wood Road, Camberley. Stolen 3Kva Generators from victims secure compound.
  • Crime Number 45160056786: Between 02/07/2016 and 03/07/2016 and from 21:27 hrs to 19:46 hrs at Field in Bagshot. Diesel has been taken from VRM: ZK9976A overnight.
  • Crime Number: 45160057104: Between 27/06/2016 and 04/07/2016 and between 08:00 hrs to 16:42 hrs, at Fairfield Drive, Camberley. Padlock removed from garage and items stolen from within.
  • Crime Number 45160057227: Between 24/06/2016 to 05/07/2016 between 18:00 hrs to 04:54 hrs, at Dalston Close, Camberley. Building works have been carried out to ground floor of house, £300.00 stolen from main bedroom bedside drawer.
  • Crime Number 45160057263: Between 04/07/2016 to 05/07/2016 and from 22:00 hrs to 09:01 hrs, at Mincing Lane, Chobham. Hollow bronze statue taken off concrete base and removed from rear Garden.
  • Crime Number 45160057779: Between 20/06/2016 to 06/07/2016 and from 09:00 hrs to 14:27 hrs, at Carshalton Road, Camberley. Agreed to do some gardening work, have taken money up front have not carried out all work but continued to take more money.

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