May’s machete mayhem

Apologies for the alliteration, but think it’s true that we’re witnessing the brutal excerise of power.

Theresa May has worked alongside cabinet ministers, and formed a view on them over the last six years. Wow, just wow, Gove gone, Osborne gone, Morgan gone, Letwin gone, Whittingale gone, Hunt gone.

Think Michael Gove will feel hurt, and experiencing that which Boris felt, not that many days ago now.

Seeing power being wielded to end careers leaves one somewhat aghast at it’s brutality. Soon will be out of wifi range, but will follow appointments with interest.

One thought on “May’s machete mayhem

  1. Sadly, the rumours of Hunt’s demise have been somewhat exaggerated …… and I feel little or no sympathy for Gove ….


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