It’s May’s day

Alice Cooper & Theresa MayPerspicacious me, goodness me no. I’m on record here saying I didn’t think Theresa May would win the Comservative party election.

I’d have liked the two candidates to have fleshed out their policies, the sudden withdrawal of Andrea Leadsom stopped that happening. All we have is Theresa first speech in which see surprisingly focussed on reform of executive pay and corporate governance. Maybe there’s a reforming zeal in Theresa that I’d missed.

Whatever, now the hard work starts, getting the right balance in the cabinet between Leavers and Remainers.

The toughest selection is for the position of Chancellor. No, I’ve no idea either.

My tips are Andrea Leadsom for Business, that’s unless she feels so bruised by the election process that she goes to the backbenches. I think she get a cabinet role, though.

What to do with our Michael Gove – a conundrum. Michael and Theresa are noted to be close. Methinks he’ll stay at Justice.

Here’s the rest of my tips, Liam Fox for Defence, Priti Patel for Education, Theresa Villiers for Foreign Office. …… Stopping now before I get carried away.

4 thoughts on “It’s May’s day

  1. Dear Tim,

    I think all leavers are going to get top jobs, Mrs. May mean business to get the country on right track, only way is up. Kind regards Surinder.

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  2. What a wordsmith, had to look up Perspicacious for true meaning, so educational as well as informative !!


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