Red Road being given an anti-skid resurfacing

Red Road – B311 – is being given an anti-skid surface, from the Maultway to the Macdonald Road junction. The notice says the work will take 10 days. Beginning on 11th July. I think I also saw on the Surrey Highways Roadworks in my area that they’re also replacing some manhole covers on Red Road between Briar avenue and Lightwater Road.

Yesterday I experienced traffic lights at Red Road’s junction with the Maultway. Decided to go onto the A30 to get to Lightwater. Better to be moving than stuck in a jam. We’re away for part of the time of the road works.  That makes me happy. Sadly, we’ll return before the work is completed. I’m sure the traffic delays will be awful.

Red Road road surfacing Red Road surfacing

12 thoughts on “Red Road being given an anti-skid resurfacing

  1. Who plans the timing of these road works? The Red Road is a main artery so to interrupt it during term time is absolute madness!! Pupils, parents and teachers as well as residents have been affected by these road works. As we have seen with the Ambleside Rd/Guildford Rd roundabout roadworks their timing isn’t planned around the times of maximum flows!


  2. Just experienced the 1st phase of the re-surfacing from the Maultway to MacDonald Rd …. question is why havent they spanned the whole MacDonald Rd junction – it stops short on Red Rd’s western boundary with the junction..

    I appreciate that the eastern side will be next, but odd not to err on the side of caution and do at least 100M east of MacD Rd now ! – and no sign of the line-of-sight vegetation at the junction being removed !

    The Notices still say work commencing 19Jun, Highways Website says 05Jul … and finally its started today ….


  3. When are they going to ban right turns from the Red Rd into McDonald Rd? These drivers are responsible for delays and I suspect accidents. its not like its the only route into Lightwater if you are heading up the Red Rd


  4. I guess we will be seeing more traffic turning into Macdonald Road and possibly using Ambleside Road too to miss the resurfacing, which is possibly why they haven’t planned to do the eastern junction on the Red Road


  5. “Even more” would be a better description! We already see many on the school run to Hammonds going past as well as rat runners from the Deepcut area and when the new development at the Ridgewood Centre opens I’m sure even more traffic will use the route to get to the M3. Its all well and good building all these new homes but does anyone think about the effect of all the additional traffic it generates? What about the all the extra school places required?


  6. Saturday morning and the work is finished, apart from some line painting, the usual cheap thin tar & chippings on the existing road surface, will see how long before it starts peeling and breaking up. They missed covering the hatched area in the centre of the road in the bends, probably another money-saver !!!!


  7. So it took a few weeks to white line the road, and they did it quickly & neatly …. now for the 3rd day this week there’s a Manual stop/go operation as they install new Cats-Eyes …. a double line of them in the bends section ….


  8. Good news, hadn’t spotted that when driving there, but I only do that once a week in daylight. Just hadn’t expected the efficiency in pre-plan that part of the work


  9. While this work is to be commended they still haven’t addressed the cause of so many accidents on the Red Road and banned right turns to & from the Red Rd into McDonald Rd!


  10. Thats not really a solution – esp if you live in that area!

    What would sort it is Peak-Hour Traffic Lights (NOT a mini r’bout) – theres plenty of room on the southern side of the Red Rd to accomodate a relocated kerb-line – witness the clutch of Telecomms boxes and new huge mast a couple of hundred yards east on the Red Rd.

    Also 80m of footpath from MacD Rd to Dunross Farm track would help save lives …


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