Visitors to the RLC Open Day have fun dodging showers

Even after the heavy rain the ground was mostly Ok, just a couple of places where it was muddy. We Brits can cope with rain, and won’t let it spoil our fun. That’s how it was at the Royal Logistic Corps Open Day in Deepcut last Saturday.

Tell you what our key objectives were on arrival – the tug-of-war competition and a Gurkha curry. Splendidly they were close by one another. I pestered the tug-of-war umpire with questions – graciously he answered them. Just added to the enjoyment. We also enjoyed a cream tea, again dodging a shower. All round good fun.

I’ll miss having the Army close by. I know we’ll still have The RMAS Heritage days, and Aldershot is not that far away. Even so, when these Open Days are no more, we’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Meanwhile here’s my photo gallery of the Open Day, and a video will follow later,

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