Not a spare seat at the Somme Commemoration Service in Lightwater

There wasn’t a spare seat in Lightwater’s All Saints’ Church for Sunday’s Somme Commemoration Service.

The service was organised by Rev Derek Browning, the padre of Windlesham Branch of the Royal British Legion, along with the Legion. Derek’s invitation to the service was,

On Sunday 3rd July we shall be holding a commemorative event to honour all those who died in the battle of the Somme which commenced on 1st July 1916.

It will begin with a short service in All Saint’s Church Lightwater at 3.00 pm. We shall then walk up to the war memorial for an act of remembrance, where all the names of those who died at the Somme offensive from the three villages of Bagshot, Lightwater and Windlesham will be read out. Following the last post and a minute’s silence wreaths will be laid. We shall then all return to the hall for a cuppa.

It was a most fitting service of remembrance. Beginning with a reading of an extract from the diary of Private William Roberts, an address by Rev Derek Browning, followed by hymns, prayers and a reading of the poem ‘We shall keep the faith‘. The congregation proceeded to the Lightwater war memorial for the final part of the service.

Here’s my photo record of the service – click on photos to enlarge.

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