Distance from London – where is it measured from?

The answer to this question is one that I got wrong, and publicly too. I was soon contacted by people who said I was in error, and gave me the correct answer. Oh, the shame of it.

Scroll down for the answer.

Here’s where I publicly got it wrong. Last week I was on the BBC Surrey Radio breakfast show to talk about Surrey Heath Museum’s #hugamilestone campaign.

Me, on the show, talked about how milestones measured the distance from London, and that the milestones in Surrey Heath are measured in miles from Hyde Park Corner. See photo.

James Cannon, one of the breakfast show presenters, asked me where’s the modern centre of London, the point used to measure distances from London?

Me again, two places I said, – burst of laughter from James – at Hyde Park Corner and the London Stone used by the Romans to signify the centre of London. I even said that the London Stone was in the wall of a Bank of China building. Wrong again. It was, but no longer.

Tim Dodds giving a milestone a hug 1_London_Stone,_City_of_London,_2012 2_LondonStone behind grill

Anyway. I guess you’ll want to know the answer. That’s if you don’t already know.

It’s HERE, at Charing Cross. See photos of plaque and Charing cross below.

Mileages_from_London_(16049013071) (1)


One thought on “Distance from London – where is it measured from?

  1. I believe that the Queen was held in great esteem. She was the Chère Reine from which we get the name Charing.


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